Sunday, September 04, 2005

A Day Out In Bournemouth

Some sketches from my afternoon out in Bournemouth.

The hotdog vendor's ladyfriend. I've never spoken to her, but her hubby is very friendly.

People on the beach. Why do people suddenly lose any sense of self-awareness they have, whilst on the beach? It worries me.

Two old folks look out to sea. The chap on the right was an odd one - he carrried himself very awkwardly, and his clothes were tight and worn haphazardly.


Anonymous said...
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mona said...

dear dave,best of luck on your last year. Im sure uyou are going to be fine;
I have to admit that I really miss that hotdog lady although I never spoke to her either. is the chaolin man still around?your sketches are really good and shows a great observation skill. well done; keep up the good work mate; the old thing;)

Rich said...

The colour sketchs of the people on the beach are really good. They really give the impression of movement and I can almost hear the gulls.

Bjorn-Erik Aschim said...

NIce and dynamic sketches! Bournemouth is quite an amazing place for drawing people.

Gordon said...

Great to see a different perspective on Bournemouth.

Lived here for over 10 years now and love the place.