Sunday, August 31, 2008

Jimmy Carr

Around May time, I took on some freelance animation work. I had to design, direct, draw and animate little under four minutes of animation in Flash, based around some recorded dialogue from Jimmy Carr's new stand-up show. The whole project took around 6/7 weeks, working only at evenings, weekends and even using up a weeks holiday to get it done. It was exhausting, but very fulfilling and enjoyable work. The above image is the original drawing I 'pitched' to the producer. I hope to post the animation up at a later date.

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Jackson Rees said...

Heya, I gotta say your work is fantastic! You've got a great, expressive style of drawing. I'm looking to do animation at Bournemouth (currently on a foundation degree), and I found a link to your film. Just wow! =)