Sunday, January 25, 2009

Animated Carr-nage

So, the two animated sketches at long last!

Jimmy Carr 'In Concert' - Will You Marry Me? from David Gray on Vimeo.

Jimmy Carr 'In Concert' - Racist from David Gray on Vimeo.

I don't think I did too badly for six weeks of evening and weekend work. Kept the animation key to key mostly, with lots of smear frames to smooth the movements out and add a bit of 'bite'. Had to leave out lots of little things, like eyes blinks, just as way of making time to spend on other things. Many gripes, naturally.

The colours of the characters and the props became less saturated when I imported them from Illustrator into Flash (something to do with colour profiles or some such bollocks), so I ended up losing that sharp contrast between the characters and the background. I was never happy with the design of the bride character either - the face, mostly. Those eyes just don't read very well and the nose sort of disappears into the flesh colour of the face. She did the job though.

One problem that I didn't have time to sort out was the way that the arms/hands of Carr (and the other characters) melded into eachother and got lost when they overlapped -some clarity lost there, and it looked messy.

The lipsync (which was a complete BITCH to do) kind of falls apart near the end of the Racist skit and I put that down to sheer bloody exhaustion and fatigue. I got it to a point where it was passable. Just. There's actually a bit of lipsync missing right hear the beginning too, but I never registered that particlular line of dialogue on my copy of the audio. Weren't me guv.

Still, I was pleased with my little racist bloke (even though the design doesn't really match the voice). He was definitely more tied-down design-wise than the bride, but he certainly wasn't as malleable. The props in this one were lots of fun to do - I even managed to squeeze in a little homage to Duck Dodgers. The Racist sketch was my favourite, I think and definitely the most fun to do.

So there we go. Fun project, that.


Annes said...

This is so cool, I went to see Jimmy Carr just before christmas and saw these! I didn't know you'd done them!! They're great. It sounds like it was a lot of work! Good job!

Sean said...

Amaaaaazing stuff man! Loved the pacing of the animation, so snappy and awesome! Really works a treat with the dialogue! Kudos!

Kristian said...

dude, these are really great.