Sunday, April 20, 2008

Finally... round to scanning some sketch book work from the past few months. I've been having trouble with my scanner for a while now - everything I scanned seem to just turn into a grainy mess. The black ink lines survived, but the grey brush shading seemed to disappear.

Then about 20 minutes ago, right after I'd scanned all of the above, I found the problem. It's called 'Auto tone' and it's been winding me up for over two years now. I clicked reset and shed a tear.

Some quiz night tomfoolery here. I always make a note of the questions because it makes me look clever.

Stuck on a re-routed train from Bristol to Exeter with nothing but my crayons and a copy of daft women's magazine 'Company'.


Annes said...

That bloody auto tone drives me nuts too! I have to switch it off EVERY TIME, grr!

Lovely sketches. You're really great at faces

Shelley Whiting said...

Your drawings are zany and fun. The people have so much personality. Beautiful and charming work.